The voice behind the podcast, I started The Pulse in response to the positive feedback and reach through my written artist features. The journey began during my internship with Evergreen Media; I pitched an idea to write about some of the artists in the Hills for their publication Black Hills Visitor. With the rich culture and tradition in the hills, there's a great deal of talented local artists. Continuing the project on my own (outside of work), I started to get buried.

The goal of the podcast is to produce artist features in a more timely manor and to share their stories. It is a way for locals and those across the state to hear directly from the artist themselves.

about our podcast

Wife, mother, and entrepreneur, I am just your average every day business woman and artist making it by. Little by little I am on a journey to self love and a greater appreciation of art as more than just an outlet for expression. 

In addition to hosting this podcast,  I also run a full time photography and videography business, freelance write for several magazines around South Dakota, and write a blog called Mondays with Mom

Sarah Grassel

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1. Hates

2. plays the      aLTO sAx

3. HAS A b.f.a

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